Spring 2018 – Workshops for Children & Teens

Join us this term while we create some Fun Art Project!

Upcoming Events

Drawing Course for Children Ages 9-14 — Manga and Anime!

This fun 10 weeks course will teach children how to draw Manga and Anime!

Cartooning – Zoo Party!

Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, Giraffe, Sloth, Pandas and more! Children will learn how to draw and create many cartoon zoo characters in a variety of different poses and scenes. Tons of fun! Plus, they will get to make a sculpture out of clay of their favourite animal! For Ages 7-12.

Drawing Course – Fantasy & Mythical Characters!

Learn to Draw Fantasy & Mythical Characters!  From dragons, knights, royals, yeti, unicorns, mermaid, fairies and more!   Children will get to choose what characters they would like to learn to draw and create a sculpture of using clay!  For Ages 7-12.

Family Painting Workshops – Mother’s & Father’s Day

Join us for a Fun Art Workshop open to Families! Perfect for parent/child. Come create a beautiful painting together (larger canvas) or as an individual (smaller size canvas). Cost includes all supplies!